We provide FREE Staging Consultation for all our listings that is customized to meet your needs and goals. A carefully staged home sells much faster and for more money. The objective is to make your home more visually and emotionally appealing to prospective buyers and to make it STAND OUT amongst the competition. 

Creating Curb Appeal

You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true when selling a home.  Buyers typically make up their minds within 10 to 15 seconds of entering the front door, then spend the rest of their visit reaffirming their decisions. An attractive yard is the first step to drawing buyers to a property.

How we are different

We bring our combined design and business experience to your home.  We provide you with the best possible advice and ensure that everything is done in a timely manner. Our job is to be your advocate and ensure that we are working with together, in your best interest.


Below are some links to things that you can do to get your home ready to sell.

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