Mom’s Apple Pie has been around for a long time. It’s a fixture in the town. And I really should have stopped in so much sooner. I mean, I know it’s there. But generally speaking, I do my own baking. Well, after visiting the shop and spending time with Avis, the owner, I realized just how much I’ve been missing. It’s not just the delicious pastries they bake daily or the stunning display of various slices of pie, individually packaged and ready for a “grab and go”– or even the salads or fresh eggs gathered from their farm in Leesburg. What I thought would be a 15 minute interview turned into more than an hour. And why? Because in Mom’s Apple Pie, I found a small local farm whose owners are passionate about their land and the work they do there. Listening to Avis, I could “feel” the reverence she has for the earth. Clearly she loves what she does – she is 100% invested in her work. And for us it means we have a “farm-to-table” bakery in our backyard! The farm supplies much of the produce used in the bakery and the farm even offers a CSA so you can get a box of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies on a regular schedule.

The shop also offers an amazing selection of wines and beers and all the “accoutrements’ for entertaining! I, for one, will be visiting Mom’s on a regular basis. I can’t wait to try a slice of their lemon chess pie or the summer favorite – strawberry rhubarb pie! I might even stop in on Sunday mornings for a cup of coffee and a cream puff – they look just like the ones my own mother used to bake for me when I was a little girl…..

 So everyone out there reading this and watching the video, come on over – you’ll be supporting the shop and the farm and sustainable farming practices. We all know “it takes a village”…..

  1. So stop on by and as Avis says “the people who LIVE  in Prince William County, Virginia LOVE Mom’s Apple Pie Company. Yes we  do !!