If your home is on the market over the holidays it is best not to go too overboard with the decorations.  However, there is nothing better than walking into a home and being greeted by the familiar scents we associate with the Holidays.  Here are a few of our favorites that will make your home smell like holiday happiness for your friends, family and prospective home buyers. Who knows, the warm inviting scents of the season may be the magic that helps that one buyer fall in love with your home.

  1. The smell of a fresh cut pine tree, greenery and wreaths cannot be beat.  The smell will permeate the rooms in your home and bring joy to your olfactory senses J
  2. If you have an artificial tree you can hang the Scentsicles stick from the branches. If you tuck them away on the back branches this does not detract from the ornaments and lights. There are several scents and are sold at Michaels, Target & Walmart just to name a few.  Yay for Scentsicles!!
  3. Scented pinecones are another favorite and can be nestled in baskets or bowls throughout your home. If you have purchased pinecones and they have lost their fragrance rather than rebuy there is a less expensive solution. You can buy essential oils in Cinnamon, orange and apple fragrances. Dilute some of the essential oil with a little water and spritz the pinecones. Seal them in a plastic bag for at least a day and then lay out to air dry on foil. Do not place pinecones directly on any surface as the oil may etch the surface.
  4. Simmering potpourri is AMAZING and inexpensive. Just toss some cinnamon sticks, orange slices, fresh cranberries (Aldi had 69 cents bags of cranberries) a sprig of rosemary (if you have it), a couple of teaspoons of cloves and a couple of teaspoons of nutmeg and maybe a splash of vanilla and water to cover.   VOILA! Or rather Ho Ho Ho! There you have it, a simmering stovetop potpourri and a home full of cinnamon and spice.
  5. Cookies in the oven…gingerbread, sugar cookie, chocolate chip. A great smell with an even better taste. Where’s the hot chocolate?
  6. Essential oils. There are so many essential oils out this year and some really beautiful diffusers for every style of home.
  7. Warmers for wax. Frebreze, Glade and Yankee Candle all have some really nice seasonal scents that really last.  These are such a great alternative to candles. You can just plug in and not have to worry as the fragrance wafts through your home.
  8. Candles.. There is nothing like the flickering glow and wonderful smell of candles during the holidays and so many to choose from. Loving the Hearth & Hand candles from Target. The container is like galvanized metal and works well with Farm House Style decor.