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As a team, we do everything we can to help ensure the appraisal process goes smoothly.  It’s critical that the appraisal comes in at least equal to the contract sales price.   We have a proven track record of getting appraisals to come in at value and a methodology that works.   Once you have a ratified contract, Sheri will spend several hours researching current market trends & prices.  She will look for the best comparable sales to support your contract sales price.  These comps, along with their tax records, will be carefully reviewed and compared to your home.  Value adjustments will be made for the appraiser to review and include in his/her report.   A glossy, color brochure showcasing pictures of your home, along with a copy of your survey/plat & a list of all improvements /upgrades & the cost of each will be included in the package.  If, for any reason, the appraised value comes in less than the contract sales price, we will appeal the appraisal and resubmit comparable sales and supporting documentation to prove value and potentially ask a neutral third party appraiser to submit a secondary appraisal.

But there is more to the appraisal than simply numbers.  We believe the human element plays an important role in the final evaluation.  We are all influenced by what we see, hear & smell and the appraiser is no different.  We want to them to love your home the way we do!  So we ask all of our sellers to prepare by doing the following items on the day of the appraisal:  

           Keep the house clean, de-cluttered & staged.

           Keep  lights & music on to create a warm, inviting ambience.

         On a cold day, keep the house warm.  On a warm day, keep it cool & comfortable.

           Burn a scented candle or warm some potpourri – vanilla, cinnamon & apple are all good scents.

          OR, bake some chocolate chip cookies or brownies or an apple pie & have a pot of fresh coffee brewing.

        Make the house easily available & accessible for the appraiser.

          Let the appraiser do his/her work uninterrupted.

        Be sure our appraisal “package” is fully available & the appraiser takes it!

For assistance or questions about your appraisal, give a call to (703) 508-7386 or Contact Us!

The Sheri Foley Allen Team!
The Sheri Foley Allen Team!
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